5 Areas of Your Home to Focus on When Selling Your Property in New Jersey

While it’s important to keep a clean home the entire time it’s on the market, it feels like the largest part of selling your home involves the initial deep cleaning and reorganization. Let’s start your home sale off in the right direction by looking at 5 areas of your home to focus on when selling your property in New Jersey.

The Great Outdoors

We want to make every potential buyer’s jaw drop when they first approach your home, as it will welcome them inside to take a closer look at what your home has to offer. 

Making good use of a pressure washer will help you out immensely by washing your home’s siding, gutters, and even roof. Use the pressure washer to clean up the dirt and debris from any driveways, walkways, and fences. Finally, clean up any overgrown foliage and breathe new life into dull planters and flower beds with fresh mulch. 

A quick trip to the hardware store and one day working out in the sun can turn your exterior into a welcoming invitation for your buyers.

Living Spaces

Selling your property is the perfect opportunity to reassess the usability, and traffic flow, of your home. 

We want to make it as easy to get through rooms and from room to room without making your home feel like a sterile space lacking in personality. Think about if there are any ways to reconfigure the furniture layout of each room to accomplish these goals without too much hassle, and maybe test out a couple of different options. 

Sometimes this can also mean removing certain pieces of furniture so there’s less with which to deal.


An often underdone portion of home sale prep is doing your best to optimize your home’s storage. 

Buyers don’t want to arrive at your home only to find closets crammed full of a disorganized mess of clothing. Start by emptying out any storage spaces and make some quick deliberations on what must stay and what can go. 

If you find yourself unable to part with enough items, we suggest using the 50-50 rule. This means that only half of the original items can stay and half of them need to either find a new storage home or go elsewhere, whether donation, garbage, or temporary storage solution. 

A little inconvenience now could make the difference in selling your property sooner rather than later.


It’s common for owners to neglect the outside appearance of their furnace and water heater, but now is the time to make up for that. 

Cleaning off the outside of these appliances makes them more appealing to buyers, but also eliminates the possibility of affecting their function with excess dust and grime. Additionally, it’s a spectacular idea to call in a professional to do a top-to-bottom inspection and maintenance routine on both of them. 

Making sure both of these essential appliances are operating in peak shape is important to every buyer.

The Easy-to-Miss Details

Having lived in your home for a prolonged period of time, it’s easy to overlook some of the little bits and pieces that a buyer will notice when they come to examine every nook and cranny of your home. 

For example, thoroughly cleaning the baseboards and molding in every room will make a much bigger impact than you ever thought possible. The same effect can be produced by cleaning the hardware on any kitchen or bathroom cabinets. If the cabinet hardware is old enough, a little investment in replacements will provide you with a clean visual update. 

Scrutinize every bit of each room in your home to search for ways to make these tiny improvements, because they add up to improving the big picture.

Your Expert Team When Selling Your Property in New Jersey

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