4 Ways To Get Your New Jersey House Noticed in a Competitive Market

4 Ways To Get Your New Jersey House Noticed in a Competitive Market

Selling a house is usually no easy task even during the best of times for sellers. And it takes even more effort and better strategies when you’re selling in a competitive market. Not only do you have to put in extra time and effort on all the prep work, but you also have to find some creative ways to get your house noticed – that is, to get your house to stand out from the competition. So let’s take a look at 4 ways to get your New Jersey house noticed in a competitive market.

1. Price It Right

Of all the ways to get your New Jersey house noticed in a competitive market, pricing it right is probably the most important. “When getting ready to put a home on the market,” according to industry pros, “determining the right listing price is the number one most important element in the home selling process. Too high and the home will sit on the market for a long time. Too low and potential buyers might be wary of why it is so low.”

Most often, sellers make the mistake of pricing too high, but too low can be just as damaging. If you price too high, potential buyers will likely just skip over your listing, and your house will languish on the market, becoming harder to sell with each passing day. If, on the other hand, you price too low, buyers will automatically think something is wrong with the house –  with almost the same end result as pricing too high.

Pricing right, as a way to get your New Jersey house noticed in a competitive market, has almost nothing to do with what you think the house is worth. It has almost everything to do with market value – what buyers are willing to pay in that local market.

Pricing a home is delicate work, requiring the expertise of a real estate professional. To find out how your home should be listed, talk to an experienced real estate professional.” To find out more about how a local agent can price your house to get noticed, just call (855) 932-8987.

2. Make a Terrific First Impression

In real estate, first impressions are absolutely critical. It’s what’s makes potential buyers want to see more – or not. So one of the best and most cost-effective ways to get your New Jersey house noticed in a competitive market is simply to make a great first impression.

The first step here is to enhance curb appeal – the first thing buyers see when they pull up. Simple things like mowing and trimming, putting new mulch in beds, planting some flowers, and touching up exterior paint can do a lot to help curb appeal. The entry area is extremely important because buyers will often linger there for some time. So consider installing a new front door (or at least painting the old one). Hiring a professional landscaper is also a good idea because doing so can yield an excellent return on investment. 

But don’t forget the inside of your house. You not only have to make that great first impression with curb appeal, but you also have to sustain it once you get buyers inside. “Keeping that great first impression going,” according to industry pros, “means presenting your potential buyers with a sparkling clean interior. Do a deep, floor to ceiling cleaning. Wash window, walls, and baseboards. Clean appliances, like dishwashers, refrigerators, and kitchen ranges, inside and out. Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans. Clear out clutter – and not just the clutter that is in clear sight. Buyers will look in closets and cabinets too, so make sure they are neat and organized.”

3. Offer Incentives

Offering an incentive is another way to get your New Jersey house noticed in a competitive market. Doing this carries some risk, but the potential visibility rewards are worth it. It’s a great way to draw potential buyers in and to get fence-sitters off the fence and move toward making an offer.

Providing incentives is a great way to draw in potential home buyers, and monetary bonuses don’t just have to come from the negotiation of the listing price. Sellers can also choose to contribute to closing costs, or conduct pre-home inspections, which can comfort potential homebuyers in knowing that the property is in top shape.”

You could also offer to, say, pay a year’s HOA dues or even offer include “customized furnishings, home electronics, or other high-value items that homes are usually sold without.” Doingsomething like this “can be magnetic to the buyer who is frugal or tight on cash.”

4. Engage All the Buyer’s Senses

Also when potential buyers tour your home, you need to find ways to engage all their senses. Most other sellers won’t do this, so it becomes a good way to get your New Jersey house noticed in a competitive market.

What we are talking about here are the small but important things that appeal to sight, hearing, touch, and smell – or, in some cases, don’t. Of course,  you’ll need to de-clutter, deep clean, and paint walls, but don’t forget to fix that distracting drip in the kitchen faucet. Many agents also advise having the smell of baked goods permeating your house. These are all fairly minor things, yes, but they matter immensely.

Bonus Tip: Choose the Right Agent

Maybe the easiest and most effective way to get your New Jersey house noticed in a competitive market is to have a good local agent in your corner. Local markets and buyers in those markets often vary more widely than people imagine. So getting your house noticed in a particular market requires extensive knowledge of and experience in that market. And that’s where your local agent comes in. Find out today how our New Jersey agents can help you get your house noticed. Send us a message or call us at (855) 932-8987.

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