6 Things People Forget To Do When Selling a House in New Jersey

Once you’ve made the decision to put your home on the market, there’s a lot of work to be done to prepare every square inch to get you the most from your sale. Let’s take a moment to look at how you can get everything in tip-top shape with these 6 things people forget to do when selling a house in New Jersey:

Create Curb Appeal

Your yard and the exterior of your house are what create that all-important first impression.

The best way to make that impression a good one is to keep your lawn mowed for showings, lay down mulch to fill up planters, trim any overgrown plants, and plant and water grass seed anywhere the lawn seems patchy.

To get the exterior spruced up, power wash your siding or repaint the exterior.

Remove the “You” from the Space

It’s a good idea to take any personal photos down in order to allow the buyers to imagine themselves in the living space.

This process is called depersonalization, and it goes a long way to make any buyers feel more welcome when selling a house in New Jersey. Depersonalization also eliminates distractions from the purpose and focus of the home showing: the home itself.

Simplify Your Color Palette

Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls is always a great idea to get everything looking pristine, but consider foregoing any seemingly trendy color schemes for something much simpler.

Painting your walls with neutral tones accomplishes the same goal as depersonalizing, and gives your buyers more breathing room to envision what they would do with the space.

Take the time to fill in any nicks or scratches and pay some attention to repairing any damage to the paint on your trim as well.

Make It Shine

Of course, you would expect to clean before putting your house up for sale, but we are talking about extremely thorough deep cleaning here.

For instance, if your carpets are stained, consider hiring a steam cleaning service to come in and work their magic. Put in that elbow grease to remove mildew from kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and then shine them up.

You also want to declutter your living space. This means eliminating any extra items from the living space to make it feel lived in but as open as possible.

A location where this really comes into play is closets. The rule of thumb when decluttering closets is to take everything out of the closet, remove half of the items, and then make sure the remaining half fits well and look organized.

Mind the Details

As a seller, it can become overwhelming trying to get everything ready to go, and then small details can slip through the cracks making your job more difficult when selling a house in New Jersey.

Keep in mind that if a buyer is looking through your house and notices a detail that bothers them, they will begin looking much more critically for anything else negative that catches their eye.

Test all light fixtures and bulbs, open and close all doors and windows to make sure they operate smoothly and check toilet flush and faucet and shower water pressure. Replacing old hardware on cabinets brings new life to some older styles of cabinetry.

Find the problems before your buyers can, and you’ll be better off for the effort.

Consult Your Agent

The last thing you do not want to forget is that your agent is there to help whenever needed.

Be willing to be proactive and ask questions if you’re unsure of something while prepping for sale. If you feel you’re drowning, you can inquire about hiring cleaning services to help you out or staging to really make your home pop.

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