6 Simple Home Improvement Tips For Sellers and Buyers in New Jersey

6 Simple Home Improvement Tips For Sellers and Buyers in New Jersey

Both sellers and buyers want the same thing: to make their home worth more. Sellers want to increase their home’s value in order to sell at a higher price. And buyers want to increase the value of their big investment.

But some of the recommended home improvement projects, such as a kitchen remodel, don’t yield a very good return on the investment.

Actually, many of the smaller, simpler improvements are far more cost-effective and promise a much better ROI. So check out these 6 simple home improvement tips for sellers and buyers in New Jersey.

1. Paint the Interior and Exterior

Painting inside and out is one of the home improvement tips that always deliver. New paint appeals to buyers and allows sellers to up the sale price. And it’s not all that expensive, even if you hire professional painters, owing to both the ROI for sellers and appreciation potential for New Jersey buyers.

It pays to paint over all those quirky colors (which are common in kids’ rooms) in neutral tones. Not everyone will want to buy or enjoy living in a home with orange or purple walls. But painting the outside maybe even more important.

According to industry pros, “painting the exterior of your home may be the best solution to getting your home sold faster. If your home’s color has faded from its former glory, the paint is chipping, or your house has always been that home on the block the neighborhood kids call the orange house, you may want to consider getting your home painted a more contemporary color. Though painting the exterior of your home can be pricey, when done by professionals, the process has a very quick turnaround time and the result will be sure to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.”

2. Upgrade the Mailbox

You might think it silly to include upgrading the mailbox among our home improvement tips for sellers and buyers in New Jersey, but it really does matter. It’s both cost-effective and adds to perceived value.

You could, of course, just replace the old mailbox with a new equivalent and be done. But today you have a lot more options.

You could also, as industry insiders suggest, “upgrade to a ‘Next Generation’ mailbox that allows USPS to deliver large packages to your mailbox instead of your front door.” Or, “with more and more consumer products being purchased online and delivered to homes, you may even consider upgrading to a security mailbox that keeps your mail and packages safe from theft altogether.”

3.Improve Curb Appeal

Whether you’re selling a New Jersey house or buying it to live in, enhanced curb appeal is always important. In fact, it may be the most important of the home improvement tips for sellers because curb appeal creates that critical first impression.

Some of the things you can do improve curb appeal are:

  • Landscaping
  • Putting down new mulch in beds
  • Laying fresh sod in weak areas of the lawn
  • Planting hedges and/or decorative trees
  • Strategically placing decorative potted plants in the entry area

4. Install Backyard Fencing and a Deck

Installing backyard fencing and a deck is a great one of our home improvement tips for sellers and buyers in New Jersey because it adds buyer appeal and provides outdoor living pleasure.

“It’s amazing,” real estate experts say, “what a refinished deck or new cedar fence enclosing a backyard can do for a home. Not only is it functional and aesthetically pleasing, but the return on investment is nothing to shy away from if you’re looking for an easy project.”

5. Replace the Front Door

Technically, this one of the home improvement tips for sellers and buyers in New Jersey should fall under improving curb appeal. But it’s so important and cost-effective that we made it a separate tip.

The front door is something that buyers notice first and homeowners see a lot. “Over the years, front doors see a lot of abuse and begin to look worn and tired. Luckily, a new front door is quick to replace and a very cost-effective way of making your entryway unique and aesthetically pleasing to anyone stepping up onto your doormat.”

6. Upgrade Light Fixtures and Switches

Almost nothing is as noticeable as poor lighting, as well as outdated fixtures, and almost nothing is as aggravating as light switches that don’t work or don’t work properly. So, naturally, we’ve included updating light fixtures and switches among our simple home improvement tips for sellers and buyers in New Jersey.

Here’s what real estate pros say about it: “Updating your light fixtures . . . is an easy and cost-effective way of increasing the perceived value of your home.”

These are some of the basic home improvement tips for sellers and buyers in New Jersey. There are, of course, many more projects you can undertake to increase a home’s value and perceived value. The trick, though, is in knowing what will actually yield a good return on the investment. Contact one of our experienced local agents to find out more. Give us a call at (855) 932-8987 or send us a message!

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